Three Things Your Car's Headlights Are Trying To Tell You

Do you know how to read the signs of when your car is asking for help? Many people are surprised to learn that your headlights can tell you a lot about the health of your car's electrical systems. By knowing the signs to look for, you'll be able to diagnose car issues before they become major issues:

Your Alternator Is Going Bad

If you're driving down the road at night and notice your headlights flicker periodically take note. Headlights that flicker on a regular basis are usually a sign that your alternator is struggling. Alternators last the average driver about seven years. However, if you're on the road a lot, your alternator may go bad sooner.

Your alternator is responsible for keeping your battery charged. When your battery is struggling to maintain a charge, you'll notice the headlights flicker when your alternator kicks on. If your alternator is starting to go bad, get in for a replacement as soon as possible. If you don't, your battery and alternator will eventually die and you could wind up stuck somewhere.  

You Have Bad Fuses

Both of your headlights will rarely go out at the same time. However, when they do, it indicates that there's an issue with the electrical current reaching your headlights. Usually, this issue can be repaired by checking and replaces your fuses. However, you may have to replace additional wires as well, especially on older vehicles.

To locate your fuse panel you should check under your steering wheel. Once you take the cover off, look at the fuses. Burnt fuses resemble light bulbs that have burnt out. If you notice any fuses that are brown or black, those are the ones that need to be changed. Be sure to only use fuses of the correct amperage. Using fuses of an incorrect amperage could cause more harm to your car.

Your Multifunction Switch Is Going Bad

The multifunction switch is exactly what it sounds like – a switch that performs multiple functions for your car. This switch is responsible for your turn signals and head lights. If you have to hold back the lever for your high beams to remain on, there's a good reason to suspect your multifunction switch is going bad.

When you start noticing symptoms of these car issues, you should contact your mechanic. Your mechanic will be able to make the proper diagnosis for your vehicle and make sure you don't wind up stuck on the side of the road. 

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