Three Benefits Of Car Undercoating

If a dealer at a car dealership offers to sell you undercoating on your new vehicle, take it. It is not a gimmick, and it is worth the extra charge. If, for whatever reason, he or she offers to throw it in for free, definitely take it. Here are three known benefits (and selling points!) of car undercoating.

Months, Maybe Years, before Your Car Shows Rust Underneath

The area of a car that is always most vulnerable to rust is the underbelly. Here, there is no paint, and no top coat to seal out water. It is the very naked view of what your car looks like if it did not have a body or a shell; just pure metal. Without the undercoating, this part of your car begins to rust the minute it hits its first dirty puddle in the street or comes into contact with snow. Think of the undercoat as a retardant to rust, and you know it is something you cannot do without.

The Undercoating Protects Important Parts from Dragging on the Ground

You have seen this at some point in your adult life; the driver who is going around with the broken and rusted out exhaust pipe dragging on the ground. No undercoating means that the rust will eat through important parts like your muffler, your exhaust pipe, and even your gas tank. Then these parts leak, break, drag on the ground underneath the car, etc. It is not pretty, and it is very expensive to fix. Undercoating prevents parts from breaking and dragging on the ground.

Undercoating Prevents Expensive Repairs

As previously mentioned, undercoating can prevent expensive repairs.  Mufflers can run from around a hundred dollars to around three hundred dollars for a single muffler replacement. If you have a vehicle with a twin exhaust, it will cost you double. Exhaust pipes do not cost that much, but installing them does as these pipes are often higher up inside the vehicle. Gas tanks are both expensive to purchase and expensive to install.

Save yourself hundreds, even thousands of dollars, by getting the undercoating right away. Renew the undercoating every four to six months, or, if you have a car wash and detailing center, ask for this add-on to your car wash. Your car, and all of its parts, will last much longer and require fewer repairs than if you skip the car undercoating when it is offered.