2 Things to Gather Before Attempting to Sell Your Old Junk Car for Cash

Whether your old car finally broke down from years of wear or was irreparably damaged in an accident, you may have decided that you wish to sell it to get the old clunker off of your property. While you may have considered selling the parts out of the car individually or attempting to sell to a private buyer, you may have decided not to deal with the hassle and plan to sell it as-is to a business that gives cash for old cars.

Before you start contacting businesses in your area that may be interested in buying your car, make sure that you have a couple of things gathered together that will help smooth the process of selling the vehicle.

1.  Pictures Showing the Exterior, Interior, and Engine Bay of the Car

One thing that you should do before you try to sell your car for cash is to take as many pictures as possible. This includes the exterior of the vehicle, interior compartment, and engine bay of the car.

Since you will not be able to drive the car around, having these pictures will give the representative of the business a good overall view of the car's condition, parts, and accessories. Then, if they wish to see it in person, they can make an appointment to come out to see it.  

2.  Paperwork Proving That You Own the Vehicle

Along with pictures of your car, you should also make sure that you have the paperwork, such as the title and registration, that proves that you own the vehicle. Even if a potential buyer is a scrapyard and will be junking the car, you will still need to show that it belongs to you.

Depending on the area in which you live and will be selling the car, you may also have to have a junk title for the vehicle. The business to which you plan to offer the car can let you know whether or not this is a requirement.

Once you have gathered together the paperwork required to sell the car as well as taken as many pictures as possible to show the overall condition of the vehicle, you can start to reach out to potential buyers. You can either visit businesses directly to show them what you have or send the pictures and copies of the paperwork through email to spark their interest. For more information about specific requirements, contact an automotive business in your area that offers cash for junk cars, such as Car Salvage Service of Tampa Bay, to find out if there is anything else that you will need to sell your old vehicle.