2 Things to Gather Before Attempting to Sell Your Old Junk Car for Cash

Whether your old car finally broke down from years of wear or was irreparably damaged in an accident, you may have decided that you wish to sell it to get the old clunker off of your property. While you may have considered selling the parts out of the car individually or attempting to sell to a private buyer, you may have decided not to deal with the hassle and plan to sell it as-is to a business that gives cash for old cars. [Read More]

How To Maximize Your Junk Car's Value When Selling It

If you have the ability to sell a junk car for cash, getting great offers probably is an important goal you have. Then you'll make more money and feel good as the seller. Here are some steps that can increase how much you're able to get for this vehicle.  Take Care of Transportation Yourself  When a company or buyer picks up your junk car, that's a cost they have to deal with. [Read More]